Series americanas & británicas para aprender inglés para adolescentes

Aquí encontrarás algunas recomendaciones de series de televisión que los adolescentes pueden ver para mejorar sus habilidades de listening y comprensión. Los temas son interesantes para su edad y seguro los disfrutarán.



Impractical Jokers 4 friends embarrass each other in public. Easy to watch with 20 minute episodes.

How I met your mother  The journey of a group of friends.

Brooklyn 99  Set in a police station – very funny!

Stranger Things  This was the most watched netflix series of 2019


Black Mirror  A series to make you think twice about technology

Friday Night Dinner  Comedy series that is pretty obvious from the name

Hollyoaks  An English soap opera set in Chester, following lives of families and friends in a town

The Crown Learn an authentic British accent and about the history of the monarchy in an entertaining way

The Great British Bake Off  is a baking competition where something always goes wrong

I hope these ideas help you practice!

Jennifer Hanley, practicante de Studio 3